when you know better, do better

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The act of giving will transform you.

My A team and I, some of Hawaii’s top stylists and veterans have been pounding this lava pavement and putting in our seasons in our arts and crafts that we’ve all have had our hey days and pay days doing what we love.

We are used to tip to toe transformations because when you are on the top of your game, this is the point where you pivot and give back.

I was invited for the second year of Oahu’s glam jam, where senior students from a chosen high school, individuals who were dealt with a less favorable hand in life, to be given an opportunity to have hair and makeup styling done for their last and final prom.

Once again, my heart was filled with so much love and light for these young women, our future queens!

I’ve met and serviced many souls on this earth, with a vast majority of them being able to afford or sustain whatever it is, they were born on the right side of the bed and life, truly blessed individuals without a problem in sight or the horizon.

While on the other side of the tracks,

Despite the chaos and challenges,

the wildest of the flowers are growing,

young souls are blooming,

you take privilege, money, connections out of the equation and you are left with a drive and a dream.

It was the ultimate pleasure and complete honor to serve a special group of young women, who are on the verge of becoming, finding their way through life and bringing with them their hardships as a badge of unbreakable beauty.

Thank you Sephora and my A team for putting together our #sephorastands

thank you Waipahu class of 2019,

Uh West O’ahu for hosting this gathering,

And last but not least, the wonderful and selfless volunteers and sponsors that showered us with their presence and aloha. Until next time.

Beauty in Blessings,