Amazon: Portable Body Massager

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Massage Gun, Portable Body Muscle Massager 20 Speeds Handheld Percussion Massager Gun, Professional Deep Tissue Massager Legiral Le3 Electric Massage Gun for Athletes with 6 Massage Heads

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I personally jumped on the Hyperpiece bandwagon a few years ago and have been preaching how good it has been to me, however with the very high ticket price, my friends could wish they could have the very same relief and relaxation but for a more affordable price…

Well I went through the holy land and pilgrimage for the next big thing goods from AMAZON and with PRIME DAY coming up, what better way to start gathering up your wishlists and wild ideas.

About this item

  • 【EFFECTIVELY RELIEVE MUSCLE SORENESS】The percussion therapy used by our massage guns can help muscles recover faster, reduce muscle pain and lactic acid build-up, improve range of motion and flexibility, encourage blood flow, and more. The powerful massager is suitable for everyone from professional athletes to recreational gym-goers to those with chronic pain.
  • 【20 LEVELS OF INTENSITY + 6 MASSAGE HEADS】Our deep tissue massage gun has 20 adjustable speeds which can provide 1200-3200 rpm percussions per minute. 6 massage heads for different areas of the body can meet your various muscle relaxation needs. Everything fits into a handy carrying case which is perfect for travel.
  • 【UPGRADED POWERFUL LOW-NOISE MOTOR】Our percussion massager is equipped with a high-torque brushless motor, not only can provide strong massage power which can reach as deep as 16 millimeters into your soft tissue but also provide you with a low-noise (35-55dB) massage environment.
  • 【2500mAh RECHARGEABLE LONG LIFE BATTERY】Our muscle massager gun is equipped with a 2500mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, ensures a 6 hours working time(low speed), takes 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged. Non-slip and ergonomic design make it easy to hold and use.
  • 【EASY TO USE】: Legiral Deep tissue massage gun has a very easy-to-operate LED control, you can easily adjust the speed and vibration level. Equipped with a portable suitcase so that you can relax your muscles anytime, anywhere.

Even as I work from home, school from home….and all the other major life activities at home, I am still finding my joints and muscles more tensed and tender as ever so as you check out my link on amazon and add it to your cart, I will be self administering a mommy self care day.

6 Massage heads are better than 1, Almond Joyce, Oahu Realtor, RS-83349

Be your own coach

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During this quarantine I have devoted some deep thinking and dove right into my habits and have been constantly rewiring my inner being to arrive at a prime level. Since the shut down, I have been developing and fine tuning my focus and getting to know an activator role as a signature strength.

I googled a quick “how to tap in mentally and flip the switch.”

Here are six ways to maximize your strengths:
  1. realize your natural (known) strengths. …
  2. identify your hidden strengths. …
  3. strengthen your strengths. …
  4. manage your weaknesses and limit your learned behaviors. …
  5. daily reflection. …
  6. beware of overdone strengths.

These may seem like just words on a page however I encourage you to seek and get to know your own signature strengths! There are unlimited sources out there in the inter webs and the two websites I decided to partake in are Clifton Strengths  via the recommendation of a wellness conference I attended last year and Via Institute per the recommendation of my Yale professor.

Anyways, I have been actively pursing a more wholesome and active lifestyle. I’ve kept some vices but I have been stricter about my cheat day and choices. Having limited access to what my norm is totally fine. It’s part of the reboot and restarting process.

The lack of what has been consuming my time, maybe not even of the healthiest of ways has been replaced with the awareness that when one knows better, one does better.

Happy one month of commitment to me, AJ

Mind over Matter

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Choice implies Consciousness,
a high degree of consciousness. without it you have no choice.
Choice begins the moment you disidentify from the mind and its conditioned patterns, the moment you become present…nobody chooses dysfunction, conflict, pain. Nobody chooses insanity. They happen because there is not enough presence in you to dissolve the past not enough light to dispel the darkness.
You are not fully here. You have not quite woken up yet.
In the meantime, the conditioned mind is running your life.

Clean Beauty from the inside, out.

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Took a much needed break from running my own webspace to co creating with other individuals for a long year of growth and business.

Resurfacing with vigor and life to promote health, wellness and self care above all.

I recently got into more of the cleaner and cruelty free beauty lifestyle and this starts with being ever so gentle with yourself.

The ultimate kindness, self love, for my entire being. Celebrating all the unique things that make up my existence.

I received a care package from Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr, and of her must have beauty indulgences are these noni glow skinfood packets! Beauty Burts for your water, smoothies, milks, teas, etc!

With Noni as its base ingredient, which is a highly prized fruit that one can take both internally and externally. It’s a powerful superfood and antioxidant containing more than 100 vitamins and minerals and is known for its natural rejuvenating properties. Her potent, nutrient dense superfood supplement for daily beauty and wellness benefits, a single serving helps to energize cellular health and digestive functions. A concentrated blend of noni, acai, blueberry, mangosteen,  pomegranate, greeen tea, rose hips, chlorella, elderberry flower.

This curated beauty powder delivers a synergistic blend of phytonutrient antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins, bioflavanoids and carotenes.

Sound like a mouthful? Taste and looks like a dream.

Getting my Glow on!

last meal before attempting to go vegetarian

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If I had could have one last meat loaded meal before I attempted to go vegetarian, korean yakiniku would be on the top of my list.

The change is personally coming from a mental boost of realization. The ugly truth of meat eating has always been on the back of my mind but growing up as a meat eater I know I’d eventually evolve into a more wholesome plant based diet.

I started getting into meatless meals a few years ago and would consume it every now and then….but with the ingredients being expensive and a stay at home mom budget, I really had to get creative.

So now a few rounds around the moon and a plethora of inspiration around I have great confidence these new habits will stick around. After all, I’ve been keeping up running two miles for breakfast.

@tikamargarita is giving me life with her vegan moodboards and daily food peaks!

When you know better, do better,


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A frequently asked and popular question among my clients is, “How often should I clean my makeup brushes and beauty sponges?”

As often as one can! I personally clean my personal & professional set everyday or after every use. My reasons are for sanitary purposes, good hygiene and to prevent debris and breakout happening around my face since I have to wear a good amount of makeup for work. It’s important to keep any intimate items like constant everyday tools that touch your face or any part of your body clean and sanitized after playtime so it’ll be ready for next use. Also think about the amount of time you take off your makeup, apply your most beloved skin care routine then reach for a dirty brush to apply your makeup the next day, you get what I’m trying to say…

And if nothing else, I hope this visual reminder will let you think twice before you reach for that dirty brush…I mean, you wouldn’t treat your toothbrush with any neglect either, right?

It doesn’t take long at all to care for your tools at all, I get around to it at the end of the day when I simmer down and apply my face and hair mask, I created a routine around this self love and care and included cleaning my brushes.

My fairy god sponsors were kind enough to gift me with this flexible silicone cleansing pad (and beauty bar soap) that easily slips over your hand to use as a sturdy cleansing surface, that easily removes stubborn stains with the exclusive material designed to clean, but not tear, your brushes & beauty blenders.

The cleaner the tools, the better you appear.


self care & solitude

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Kickstarting the simple habit re-wiring a month before the new year is proving to be the headstart that I needed.

Gone are the sluggish mornings where I’ll lay for a few extra minutes turned into an hour or so of scrolling, sleuthing and sampling all the various media outlets before the caffeine. These days, the day starts with a quick mental decluttering, a few good bowls, journaling & energizing and I hit the ground running. Well, thanks to my roommates treadmill. A slow start of 20 minutes, then 30 now I’m hitting my once upon a time goal of running 2 miles everyday. I like getting this out of the way because anytime I can get to myself, my true self, Im always looking to invest. So I’ve been mindfully setting a time and place to allow myself the proper self care and solitude.



Meal Prepping, I’m at the I could get better stage. I certainly have improved over the years! I’m back into the full time swing of things and somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to neglect a few key essential pieces that I needed to thrive all week. I’ll now designate that once a week, a random morning, afternoon or evening, less traffic, and pop into my round up of shops and plan for the next few days. I’ve been recently re introduced to costco…any of my friends want to split a premium membership discount?


(Island seasoned boneless ribeye, wasabi salmon and sautéed spinach and mushrooms)

Ahhhh, Jo Malone. I wish I had more. I wish I had more. I wish I had more!!! A dear mentor once treated me to an extravagant gift. A bath and shower gel that was waiting to be used for an entire year…waiting for the right dwelling and setting. So these days, as I pour my heart and soul into the daily grit and grind, I look forward to the enticing and lustful fragrance as I wash off the dust and debris of the day.


Feel free to add more of your self care/love routines into the mix and remember to go outside and catch a glimpse of natures natural wonders.


Setting my soul free,



mirror, mirror on the wall

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The holiday hours is leaving its imprint on my face. After 10-12 hour days and is it day 11-12? I am needing lots of self care and love!

Good thing I am no stranger to a good time. If I can figure out how to do it, even better.

Enter a mask I was gifted a few months ago. I’ve always been a fan of anything tatcha, so when I got my hands on this, I couldn’t wait to try it!


Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

What it is:
A creamy anti-aging mask—packed with Japanese beautyberry, two types of vitamin C, and AHAs from seven fruits—that unveils softer, glowing skin.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Dark spots and uneven skin tone
– Fine lines and wrinkles

If you want to know more…
Reveal remarkably softer, smoother skin with this creamy rinse-off treatment mask. The formula features two types of vitamin C: a water-soluble vitamin C derivative that absorbs quickly for an immediate glow and an oil-soluble vitamin C derivative that remains in skin longer, providing antioxidant protection from UV damage for a brighter, more even-toned appearance over time. The mask is also powered by the Japanese beautyberry, a superfruit rich in antioxidants that was found to stabilize vitamin C, maximizing its effectiveness. A gentle 10 percent AHA complex of seven fruits removes debris and the buildup of dead skin cells to visibly improve skin texture and support the natural production of new skin cells. Tatcha’s signature trio of Japanese anti-aging superfoods—green tea, rice, and algae—helps to restore a more youthful appearance.

There we have it. An evening of self pampering before we dive into another work week.

At least I’ll  have radiant glowing skin. I’ll worry about everything else when I get there.

A geisha in paradise,