Quarantine Gardening 2020 (amazon links included!)

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Oahu’s 2nd round of Stay at Home orders are in place and if I were you, I’d get to allll the DIY projects you’ve ever wanted to do while having the intense pleasure of your own company.

Continuing where I left off during the last lockdown, I am refocusing the wonderful gift that is energy and sharing that with you.

Living in Paradise has its perks. Not only are we able to plant the seeds to our dreams We are able to sustain and maintain a thriving edible garden! Tropical conditions alongside with your tender love and aloha, Is the very sheer force which is your attention and intention that will transfer over and literally grow the nourishments you don’t have to overpay for during this challenging time.

Join me in the movement that is #sustainableliving and grateful for everything we do have cuz that’s the real #mana

I am starting my edible garden again and creating mixed greens all ready to enjoy by the next full moon. This soon to be exclusive salad/smoothie bar will serve and sustain your immediate and future needs as this is a trim and enjoy kind of edible landscape.

I’ve included links for your gardening needs, all on amazon!

2 slot clear window planter

18 piece plastic plant liner 6/8/10″

Seed Starter Tray

Schultz “slow release vegetable fertilizer”

Miracle Grow seed starting potting mix

Aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic herb garden

Beginners Dozen Salad Starter Seeds






my city pampering routine

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With more time that I could fathom, not only have I been taking care of the mental, spiritual, physical & hustle, I am making moooore time than ever to dive into the wonderful world of beauty.

In this post, I have featured my tried and true must have products when I am feeling a bit extra and wanting to be pampered!

Just a few simple items can definitely change the mood and vibe around even for those who are little bit harder to please or impress (me 😝)

This pleasure filled pampering affair starts with Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel pads/ also tanning face sheets, this extremely effective duo not only exfoliates my skin (really important process and maintenance) it also tans my face to match my body! As you know, we keep very meticulous care about our face so upon finding this gem, I was hooked! See what happens when you tan, THEN EXFOLIATE with the products you have, it actually lessens the time of your fabulous tan…and if you don’t exfoliate at all…well, we won’t go down that road okay?

This process for the face takes no longer than any application of my skin care routine combined. The perfect sized towelettes can be used as a whole (or give into my hack of cutting it in half and save the other for the next week)

Next tanners for the body. I have tried multiple products from the St. Tropez line as well as Isle of Paradise, having used both and also seen my colleagues with it, the isle of paradise collection has a range of  light, medium, dark, which are perfect for skin tones lighter than I as it is a gradual hint and change! I on the other hand, have that medium tan/olive skin that I like to toast up a little bit more, so I went with the master of all insta tanning.

So face done, body done, now hair! I have abstained from colored hair for a little over 10 years so after going light, I wanted to experiment with color and lo and behold! Semi permanent hair dyes with deep conditioning features?! Say WHAT!

Moroccan Oil, color depositing mask has changed the game folks. This do it yourself magic in a pouch or tube allows the consumer to not only apply the color like you would conditioner, it has the most famous ingredient to help nourish, hydrate and strengthen your locks Goldi! The color I chose was hibiscus, loving this intense fuchsia shade that fades into ALLLLL THE HUES OF PINK, leading to its rose gold pink, blush pink situation that I am absolutely fond of.

DIY-ing has been making me feel empowered, informed, creative and definitely saving money utilizing my own talent and skills to perform such goddess glam. I hope you are all taking the time to be well, as well.

Self care, rituals and bad bitches, AJ


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A frequently asked and popular question among my clients is, “How often should I clean my makeup brushes and beauty sponges?”

As often as one can! I personally clean my personal & professional set everyday or after every use. My reasons are for sanitary purposes, good hygiene and to prevent debris and breakout happening around my face since I have to wear a good amount of makeup for work. It’s important to keep any intimate items like constant everyday tools that touch your face or any part of your body clean and sanitized after playtime so it’ll be ready for next use. Also think about the amount of time you take off your makeup, apply your most beloved skin care routine then reach for a dirty brush to apply your makeup the next day, you get what I’m trying to say…

And if nothing else, I hope this visual reminder will let you think twice before you reach for that dirty brush…I mean, you wouldn’t treat your toothbrush with any neglect either, right?

It doesn’t take long at all to care for your tools at all, I get around to it at the end of the day when I simmer down and apply my face and hair mask, I created a routine around this self love and care and included cleaning my brushes.

My fairy god sponsors were kind enough to gift me with this flexible silicone cleansing pad (and beauty bar soap) that easily slips over your hand to use as a sturdy cleansing surface, that easily removes stubborn stains with the exclusive material designed to clean, but not tear, your brushes & beauty blenders.

The cleaner the tools, the better you appear.


#almondsapothecary a millennial mindset

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How empowering is it to activate your special powers in abundance and generating an infinite way to preserve and propagate the very things that one needs to survive?

At the height of my herb planting, I was up to 5 different varieties of basil and how fulfilling it was to grow these unique herb thats so versatile in so many dishes.

I actually enjoy the flowers that it gives off. If you harvest right away, it offers the most fragrant aroma, bottle it up and serve it. Left on the stalk however, it becomes the next batch and generation of seeds for a future harvest.

Growth time for herb takes a fast few weeks but I’ve taken the propagation to the next level. I’ll occasionally trim the bush to make way for new growth. I’ll whip up the basils in an array of sauces, dips, easy grab and go items with the most flavor and pride knowing you grew and made that pesto!

So as one plucks the leaves out of its stalk, we usually throw the stem, not giving it a second thought, some grind it up and incorporate into stock, some save it and create magic.

Yes, allow yourself the pure pleasures of choice. Choice to make a difference, choice to contribute to a better world, choice to create something out of nothing.

Stick the stalk into water, soil, whatever you happen to have, radiate and bless it with all your love and aloha and what you sow is definitely what you reap.

Garden Pesto pasta salad made with the very fresh herbs that pass through them hands, total pride in knowing that once upon a time, this all started with a dream. Top it off with parmesan cheese and hemp seeds because can can.

Bloom where you are planted,