AM: Internal Beauty Routine

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This keeps me accountable. As many of you saw on my gram, April had been a successful month for personal growth and development. Working out daily had pushed and propelled me for the next step of this beauty and wellness evolution.

This month of May, I have vowed to keep up with the maintenance and implementing a new and improved internal intake for my beauty from within, skin is in, soul is prime routine.

I am actively reaching for these sustainably sourced oils to balance and better my goals as I am officially swapping my usual go to and comforting sugary caffeinated drinks for something else like this. Wish me clean!

I hope you are inspired to get up and do something, anything to keep up with the health & wealth, which is you, Almond J

Unbelievingly Uncomfortable

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Even on my worst day is classified by this.

To evolve then become enlightened comes from the space where you least expect.

If you are down to ride out the season, come at me with your best charming character. So we can grow together.

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Aloha, AJ

sisterhood essential oil blend

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Ive been actively replacing old habits with new alternative ways of healing and I’m sharing that with my friends.

One of my close dearests is experiencing a difficult hurdle and I am simply coming into her aid of comfort. I mixed her up a blend of grounding, balancing and awakening oil blends to help her calm and reset when she needs it.

I have also used the same concoction in my most recent heartbreak so I can personally attest to its healing and humbling properties.

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Leave some room to grow & learn from it, AJ

A healing potion

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The universe will take away what you think you needed but trust and look forward to things and people that will enter your life as it has been taken away.

Remind me this when I head to the nearest breakdown and watch me bounce back, im my own time.

There are times when I pick the alternative healing and wellness products, there are times when the solutions presents itself.

MYRRH: the oil of Mother Earth

-negative emotions: disrupted maternal connection, distrusting, neglected, unsafe in the world, malnourished

-positive emotions: safe in the world, healthy attachments, trusting, bonding, maternal connection, nurtured, love, secure, grounded

PINK PEPPER: still have to look it up, but the aroma enticed me enough and I’m like, pink pepper? You cute 💁🏻‍♂️

CYPRESS: the oil of motion and flow

-negative emotions: controlling, fearful, perfectionist, rigid, stuck, tense

-positive emotions: flexible, trusting, flowing with life, adaptable

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Oils &The beautiful struggle, AJ

TEA with TSB

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What’s not to love about some art therapy? Personally my soul needs it, my being craves it, its all I know how to cope and survive. Fortunately, my wahines and I have been blessed in living out our best i-hope-i-will-no-longer-be-a-starving-artist-dreams.

I paid a visit to my ever so dearest friend, TSB aka hennamama808 on IG and she’s been my go to for any spiritual musings, advice and henna!

Here we started the magical morning with angel readings, lavender inhaler blessings, (these are my new portable obsessions that can hold any doTERRA eseential oil blend for on the go wellness) lemongrass + black tea for our goddess gathering. Her henna cones are custom made with the finest quality body henna and she has incorporated essential oils like Somalian Frankinsence, Bulgarian Lavender and Australian Cajeput to name a few.

We let our thoughts into the universe, our questions, our reasons for being, our next moves, what we are presently…as mothers, as caretakers, as wives, as lovers, we lose so much of ourselves in the process and moment was just what we needed to count our blessings and share it.

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Come sit and muse with us, AJ

Seek, Shift, Soar.

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On this particular day, I moved my things out of my home into a my storage. I said goodbye to my old life and simply surrendering to this new one. I navigated the day with uneasiness but determined determination. I silently mused and thanked what got me here and what fueled my exit.

Upon watching the clips above, you would have no idea what kind of things and people I am mourning….and thats the beauty of it all. Choose what you want to put out, perceive what you think and move onto to the next.

Simply, this is me retiring, reminding myself no matter how hard the day gets, I can always gift myself time with my mind, body and soul. Once I had the chance to break free from obligations I went to the nearest paradise opening and collapsed on the sand by the sunset on the shore, stretched out and got covered in prehistoric bones and tings while I deeply inhaled and exhaled a personal apothecary made concoction featuring doTERRA lavender essential oil that I made just for me, to help with moments like this.

Sun & Solitude, AJ

full moon gigs and gatherings

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Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Selenite + a custom doTERRA essential oil blend of

Cassia, Patchouli, Wild Orange, and Rosemary and some additions, Quartz helps liberate us from worry and discrimination, and promotes valuable self love.Ruby with Fuschite allows us to access Universal information, cleanses the aura, speeds up the healing process of bouncing back, sparks joy and sweetness, and releases stress and worry. Added Red Clover buds, flowers and Himalayan Salt for warmth and grounding.


I’ve been fascinated by the moon and the tides for as long as I can remember. It was in the recent decades that I’ve been exposed to a new type of energy channeling and cleansing.

Almost the full moon, I’ve gathered my dreams and intentions and set out to recharge and rejuvenate the soul and the senses. I take pride in taking the time to listen and learn from my own experiences and intuition.

Purposely took my healing energy tools on a special pilgrimage to the northshore and spent the day just for me. My solitude, my sanity, my rituals. Finding that grounding space where one can just be, is possibly the magic.

Celebrating you, AJ

A day just for me.

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A custom bad bitch blend from my dearest Jenny of Indiglow Wellness, @indiglowoils

This island magic consists of//drops:









Navigating through the predicaments and learning the patience to be your best and honor thyself.

It’s been a tough few weeks. Personally & Professionally, I sought the advice of one my mentors and she created a loving and supporting healing oil blend to take with me during this transition.

On what seemed like the first brighter day of this challenging season, I went outside and just had a day for me. I drove myself to my favorite healing spots on the island, took in my breaths, took in the sights and sounds and just be. Thank you my friend for infusing my life with inspiration and aromatherapy.

I spent the hours getting muddy from the hikes, I was drenched from the winter rain, I was left inspired and dried out by the sun when it finally came out. I stood on the top of the mountain and found my way by the shore down the sea. I took it all in today, which made me reflect, I need to have more of. Join my Tribe!

Another day in paradise, AJ