Be your own coach

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During this quarantine I have devoted some deep thinking and dove right into my habits and have been constantly rewiring my inner being to arrive at a prime level. Since the shut down, I have been developing and fine tuning my focus and getting to know an activator role as a signature strength.

I googled a quick “how to tap in mentally and flip the switch.”

Here are six ways to maximize your strengths:
  1. realize your natural (known) strengths. …
  2. identify your hidden strengths. …
  3. strengthen your strengths. …
  4. manage your weaknesses and limit your learned behaviors. …
  5. daily reflection. …
  6. beware of overdone strengths.

These may seem like just words on a page however I encourage you to seek and get to know your own signature strengths! There are unlimited sources out there in the inter webs and the two websites I decided to partake in are Clifton Strengths  via the recommendation of a wellness conference I attended last year and Via Institute per the recommendation of my Yale professor.

Anyways, I have been actively pursing a more wholesome and active lifestyle. I’ve kept some vices but I have been stricter about my cheat day and choices. Having limited access to what my norm is totally fine. It’s part of the reboot and restarting process.

The lack of what has been consuming my time, maybe not even of the healthiest of ways has been replaced with the awareness that when one knows better, one does better.

Happy one month of commitment to me, AJ

Garden to Table – Microgreens

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This growing season, Ive incorporated a new addition to the apothecary.

A friend of mine in Palo Alto fondly spoke about her greens and avidly sends me her recipes and just fresh outta the kitchen photos of her brunches and dinners utilizing a fast and flavorful array of micro greens.

Upon further research, the term implies a small sprout. So basically, take any seeds you have and grow the yummy edibles from 1-3 inches, harvest and enjoy before the second set of leaves develop, but if it does, enjoy your new baby plant you’ve just germinated from seed! 🤩

In this current mix I have:

  1. a mix of basis
  2. umami asian blend: mustards, cabbages, bakchoi, pakchoi,
  3. sunflowers
  4. a wild mix: bulls blood beet, cabbages, kohlrabi, swiss chards

It takes just a few short days starting from seed to sprout, but once you get it going, a very useful and unique harvest to add to your self sustaining round of spices and herbs.

Enjoy your new edible garden, AJ

Bud & Brunch

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During this quarantine, I wanted to make sure I concentrated in learning a few skills and routines to reset the mind, body, habits and soul.

Marveling that it was just not too long ago, in the beginning of this year, where the rut of the routine seemed too much to bear, the world has stopped and as a collective, we are able to go through this very trying and almost traumatic experience together.

I hope you are all taking the time to really reflect on the blessings we all possess. Sometimes too much…and in that case, I hope you are a blessing to others.

Present time, having all this time I’ve ever asked for, I marinated steaks in a seasoning I dubbed, “The Carol Baskins husbands disappearance dinner special” which was ode to the breakout hit on Netflix, Tiger King, I just thought it was a funny Segway in keeping my audience in a better light and tone for the day.

So I loaded up the lava grill, I placed dried oregano blooms I gathered from my lava apothecary and grilled the juicy AF steaks over it.

I served it with a sautée of garlic cauliflower, garden kale, pan fried potatoes and sweet peppers and not but least, just smashed butter potatoes.

We are in this together. AJ