Amazon Glamping Wishlist

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Beach Tent

Carry all Wagon

Portable Table

Portable Chair

As I was filling out my sons school forms, I started to schedule my work days to match his school days and wondered what I would do for our school breaks.

As we went on our nightly walks, I saw a shooting star and asked him if he saw it, he didn’t. Right then and there I promised myself to make the upcoming school year more adventures and quality time to explore the great island outdoors.

So then I had the idea of camping but obvi, its me, its more glamping, so hooray to building this gorgeous all year round wishlist.

Starting with some basics and collecting my way around memories and meteors.

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Out of my comfort zone.

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What does it look like living outside my comfort zone? Watch it unfold.

Just when I questioned unconditional love from my lover, I unfortunately did not experience that with him. I was shown that by myself.

Cheers to the next lifetime to me, myself and I, AJ