Quarantine Gardening 2020 (amazon links included!)

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Oahu’s 2nd round of Stay at Home orders are in place and if I were you, I’d get to allll the DIY projects you’ve ever wanted to do while having the intense pleasure of your own company.

Continuing where I left off during the last lockdown, I am refocusing the wonderful gift that is energy and sharing that with you.

Living in Paradise has its perks. Not only are we able to plant the seeds to our dreams We are able to sustain and maintain a thriving edible garden! Tropical conditions alongside with your tender love and aloha, Is the very sheer force which is your attention and intention that will transfer over and literally grow the nourishments you don’t have to overpay for during this challenging time.

Join me in the movement that is #sustainableliving and grateful for everything we do have cuz that’s the real #mana

I am starting my edible garden again and creating mixed greens all ready to enjoy by the next full moon. This soon to be exclusive salad/smoothie bar will serve and sustain your immediate and future needs as this is a trim and enjoy kind of edible landscape.

I’ve included links for your gardening needs, all on amazon!

2 slot clear window planter

18 piece plastic plant liner 6/8/10″

Seed Starter Tray

Schultz “slow release vegetable fertilizer”

Miracle Grow seed starting potting mix

Aerogarden Indoor Hydroponic herb garden

Beginners Dozen Salad Starter Seeds






Garden to Table – Microgreens

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This growing season, Ive incorporated a new addition to the apothecary.

A friend of mine in Palo Alto fondly spoke about her greens and avidly sends me her recipes and just fresh outta the kitchen photos of her brunches and dinners utilizing a fast and flavorful array of micro greens.

Upon further research, the term implies a small sprout. So basically, take any seeds you have and grow the yummy edibles from 1-3 inches, harvest and enjoy before the second set of leaves develop, but if it does, enjoy your new baby plant you’ve just germinated from seed! ūü§©

In this current mix I have:

  1. a mix of basis
  2. umami asian blend: mustards, cabbages, bakchoi, pakchoi,
  3. sunflowers
  4. a wild mix: bulls blood beet, cabbages, kohlrabi, swiss chards

It takes just a few short days starting from seed to sprout, but once you get it going, a very useful and unique harvest to add to your self sustaining round of spices and herbs.

Enjoy your new edible garden, AJ

Micro Greens

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Being quarantined brings out the best in me. I am absolutely going coconuts over my edible, ornamental and medicinal garden. Spending much needed time to be in nature and get my hands dirty. I realize after months of spending majority of my waking hours in the corporate retail jungle, its a very enriching to break the survival habits and grind to command and commit to something else that my heart desires.

It’s important to me to transfer and exchange this pent up energy and I find that my various array of plants can take just that.

My current features are as follows.

A full moon in libra harvest of micro greens, ranging from basil, dill, fennel and wild sprouts.

Of course I have a Pinterest board full of recipes I am going to teach myself on how to create being that we have time, starting tomorrow!

Green with envy? Then come join me! AJ


Bud & Brunch

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During this quarantine, I wanted to make sure I concentrated in learning a few skills and routines to reset the mind, body, habits and soul.

Marveling that it was just not too long ago, in the beginning of this year, where the rut of the routine seemed too much to bear, the world has stopped and as a collective, we are able to go through this very trying and almost traumatic experience together.

I hope you are all taking the time to really reflect on the blessings we all possess. Sometimes too much…and in that case, I hope you are a blessing to others.

Present time, having all this time I’ve ever asked for, I marinated steaks in a seasoning I dubbed, “The Carol Baskins husbands disappearance dinner special” which was ode to the breakout hit on Netflix, Tiger King, I just thought it was a funny Segway in keeping my audience in a better light and tone for the day.

So I loaded up the lava grill, I placed dried oregano blooms I gathered from my lava apothecary and grilled the juicy AF steaks over it.

I served it with a sautée of garlic cauliflower, garden kale, pan fried potatoes and sweet peppers and not but least, just smashed butter potatoes.

We are in this together. AJ

Love & Labor

Garden to Table, Island Life


A summers grow into a winter harvest.

Reflecting on the changes that has reared its unwillingness to change or compromise. One simply has to submit and surrender through the stillness of the cold. It won’t be long, spring will come soon once again. Until then, enjoy the curated island grown herbs and spices that once rounded my dream garden apothecary.

Musings once told, AJ

Garden to Table: Spicy Stuffing

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It’s only been a few decades coming to America and learning new holidays that focus around more established family gatherings as opposed to be nice and kind all year, so with working gal (me) whose idea of thanksgiving consisted of time and a half pay, I usually got my thanksgiving meal catered, or to go, or completely off the grid feastings like sushi, thai or filipino food over the years.

2018 caught me off guard with all kinds of surprises. Mainly as the holidays started to roll around, I had an insatiable appetite for stuffing. Something I never made, craved, bought, thought about, nothing. So it was a new experience for me seeking out ingredients and learning the basics of my latest obsession.

After a few test runs and tweaks, my mind started going on overdrive as I thought about each component. What it takes to DIY my own…well, lucky you, you will see this recipe evolve.

So this year, with this much anticipated day, I opted to work so other people who have families can celebrate with each other whilst I take my money and run. We have a potluck at work so I decided to try my hand at my soon to be famous side dish.

I am a fan of spicy, so this is what you get. Hot peppers from my garden plus curated island spices, I made my own soup stock to fold into the organic, gmo free bread stuffing mix (which made me envision on making my own one day soon along with my own dried herbs…)

This is where we are at, this is where I’ll leave you. Happy thanksgiving. Be kind, always.

Closet Cook, AJ

self care & solitude

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Kickstarting the simple habit re-wiring a month before the new year is proving to be the headstart that I needed.

Gone are the sluggish mornings where I’ll lay for a few extra minutes turned into an hour or so of scrolling, sleuthing and sampling all the various media outlets before the caffeine. These days, the day starts with a quick mental decluttering, a few good bowls, journaling & energizing and I hit the ground running. Well, thanks to my roommates treadmill. A slow start of 20 minutes, then 30 now I’m hitting my once upon a time goal of running 2 miles everyday. I like getting this out of the way because anytime I can get to myself, my true self, Im always looking to invest. So I’ve been mindfully setting a time and place to allow myself the proper self care and solitude.



Meal Prepping, I’m at the I could get better stage. I certainly have improved over the years! I’m back into the full time swing of things and somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to neglect a few key essential pieces that I needed to thrive all week. I’ll now designate that once a week, a random morning, afternoon or evening, less traffic, and pop into my round up of shops and plan for the next few days. I’ve been recently re introduced to costco…any of my friends want to split a premium membership discount?


(Island seasoned boneless ribeye, wasabi salmon and sautéed spinach and mushrooms)

Ahhhh, Jo Malone. I wish I had more. I wish I had more. I wish I had more!!! A dear mentor once treated me to an extravagant gift. A bath and shower gel that was waiting to be used for an entire year…waiting for the right dwelling and setting. So these days, as I pour my heart and soul into the daily grit and grind, I look forward to the enticing and lustful fragrance as I wash off the dust and debris of the day.


Feel free to add more of your self care/love routines into the mix and remember to go outside and catch a glimpse of natures natural wonders.


Setting my soul free,



#almondsapothecary a millennial mindset

Garden to Table, Island Life


How empowering is it to activate your special powers in abundance and generating an infinite way to preserve and propagate the very things that one needs to survive?

At the height of my herb planting, I was up to 5 different varieties of basil and how fulfilling it was to grow these unique herb thats so versatile in so many dishes.

I actually enjoy the flowers that it gives off. If you harvest right away, it offers the most fragrant aroma, bottle it up and serve it. Left on the stalk however, it becomes the next batch and generation of seeds for a future harvest.

Growth time for herb takes a fast few weeks but I’ve taken the propagation to the next level. I’ll occasionally trim the bush to make way for new growth. I’ll whip up the basils in an array of sauces, dips, easy grab and go items with the most flavor and pride knowing you grew and made that pesto!

So as one plucks the leaves out of its stalk, we usually throw the stem, not giving it a second thought, some grind it up and incorporate into stock, some save it and create magic.

Yes, allow yourself the pure pleasures of choice. Choice to make a difference, choice to contribute to a better world, choice to create something out of nothing.

Stick the stalk into water, soil, whatever you happen to have, radiate and bless it with all your love and aloha and what you sow is definitely what you reap.

Garden Pesto pasta salad made with the very fresh herbs that pass through them hands, total pride in knowing that once upon a time, this all started with a dream. Top it off with parmesan cheese and hemp seeds because can can.

Bloom where you are planted,


#gardentotable Impress yo’self.

Garden to Table

One summer spent on the Big island got me growing a vegetable and fruit garden and my insistent obsession on acquiring chickens for eggs got me feeling like a hippie hipster, thanks to Pinterest!

Creating master chef worthy meals in the middle of a lava field can be quite challenging so intuitive meal prepping became a lifesaver. Earlier in the week, I’d prepare my cooking sauces and spices, all gathered from the garden, let me tell you how satisfying it is knowing you grew and harvested ingredients that you are about to overachieve with!


BTW, who doesn’t love a good mason jar? Just before I left the city, a quick trip to target highlighted a brand sale so I was standing in the aisle for what seemed like a few hours as I imagined all the possibilities of what I would create outta that damn jar.

Garlic given by my neighbor, I sliced and soaked the garlic chips in hemp and evoo oil along with hawaiian chili peppers, cuban oregano, green onions and lemon grass.

I then gathered all the bits and pieces I could find and just let the creative self tap into a higher cooking power.


Sugar and Spice makes everything nice! Whoever said this wasn’t kidding. Oh, adulting.


Diluted my mixture with the infused oil.


Marinated chicken into the sauce, feel free to be flexible and incorporate other meat, fish or vegetable items you prefer.


Sweet potatoes, grown and gathered from your garden to the table.


I was quite pleased on the turnout, here’s a modest and simple meal created from what I could rally up in my rustic cabin on the big island…

Sweet and spicy chicken with mashed sweet potatoes with my homemade butter, boiled chicken eggs thanks to my ladies, sautéed eggplant and corn with chile kine tings.

Connect with and Collect yourself,