Establishing a schedule that works for you.

Almonds Apothecary, Island Life


Having all this time to myself goes beyond my wildest dreams. Even with a long wishlist of things to do, I am still finding myself adjusting to the massive amounts of time we have been blessed with.

Assessing the thoughts, minding our ways to slow down then wildly stumbling into the pains and pleasures of the mind!

This new world and its new set of rules have thrown off even my happy go lucky, anything goes spirit. I am realizing to smash these goals I’ve been randomly carrying around for years, THIS IS THE BEST TIME to utilize such talents and skills.

I am the type to have my preferred goddess rituals list done before I can even extend myself to others. This means, I start the day with a great solitude space and hours, or power hours. In this time block, I am able to meditate, exercise. channel the thoughts and visions that would be otherwise clouded from the days noise.

Next to that, sticking to my own personal beauty ritual. It varies day by day. Some days less is more, some days more is more. I can certainly adjust to the mood and emotions of the day. I am challenging myself to post more so I am driving myself to that commitment and goal!

After allll of that, I neeeeeeed to have a very inviting and entertaining space even just for one. It constitutes of a morning cup of caffeine and a few bowls of cannanis. Breakfast or Brunch may accompany it but I’m not too demanding of the 3rd details. The first two winning combination tho, MOST DEFINITELY.

NOW, this is the part where I can be flexible. Lessons with the keiki, gardening, exploring, dreaming, visualizing, being, resting….and all of these activities can take hours  give or take.

During this downtime in quarantine, I am finding solace in the simplicity of these activities. Of course my city life is extreme in comparison but this reset has allowed me to view my priorities in a different way.

I NEED this type of routine and stability to create a boundary for myself and others. I have been so passive in being proactive that this complete overhaul and immediate call of adaptability has forced me to rewire and find out what works for the better.

I am very much still a free spirit. I come and go as I please, just this time, with a little more direction and discipline. Would you like to follow my progress? Add me on instagram! @almondjoyce

By having a streamline of enjoyable activities for the day allows me to make room for anything else that comes up. Of course each day seems like a trial and triumph…and a reflection of it will be posted here.

No promises, just actions, AJ


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