Micro Greens

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Being quarantined brings out the best in me. I am absolutely going coconuts over my edible, ornamental and medicinal garden. Spending much needed time to be in nature and get my hands dirty. I realize after months of spending majority of my waking hours in the corporate retail jungle, its a very enriching to break the survival habits and grind to command and commit to something else that my heart desires.

It’s important to me to transfer and exchange this pent up energy and I find that my various array of plants can take just that.

My current features are as follows.

A full moon in libra harvest of micro greens, ranging from basil, dill, fennel and wild sprouts.

Of course I have a Pinterest board full of recipes I am going to teach myself on how to create being that we have time, starting tomorrow!

Green with envy? Then come join me! AJ


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