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Federal Aid Package Freelance Makeup Artist and Photographers

Across the country, the need for social distancing has impacted many industries. One industry, in particular, stands at high risk for both economic hardship and infection, and that is the community of beauty and photography services.  Bridal Artist, Film, Television, Commercial, and Printwork Makeup Artists and Photographers (specifically both unlicensed and licensed), etc…  This group of workers is across the U.S. but primarily in N.Y. and Los Angeles, two of the hardest-hit cities to date.  Los Angeles and N.Y. have many artists that work in the trade and are finding themselves not included in other protection acts.

Many beauty service workers are self-employed and rely on clients’ appointment fees to pay both business and personal bills. Our families are facing a long list of economic concerns: losing homes, retirements, extreme debt/bankruptcy, inability to provide food for our children and/or pay for much-needed health insurance.  Cancellations, rescheduled appointments, and loss of income during coronavirus outbreak {COVID-19}  are cause for concern to all who work in the beauty business as all income is lost until further notice.

Since we are self-employed we do not have access to paid time off or sick leave and many may be forced to choose between potential bankruptcy or struggling to remain open, which puts the community as a whole at risk for infection. The very nature of our industry is close contact, often in small studio spaces, where despite using our above-average knowledge of sanitation practices, we are exposed to airborne transmission with every possible cough or sneeze from our clientele. Any beauty worker infected with COVID-19 has the ability to transmit the infection quickly to his or her full book of clients on every given day, even before symptoms arise.

The need for an Economic Hardship package is immediate and should include the following;

-Emergency Medicaid Health insurance for those who are uninsured

-$100 billion in government-backed, low-interest loans, to help support the self-employment income that is disappearing


-Equal relief/aid funding of self-employed beauty service workers, as we are not covered under the current proposed relief bills being voted on at the Federal level

We the undersigned plead with our elected officials to hear our warnings and cries for help as we not only see our own economic plight but also the sacrifice of our livelihoods as we struggle to keep our communities healthy.



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