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Better now than never.

Has there ever been a time where you uttered nothing but coulda, woulda, shoulda?

That’s been me this last decade or so despite what a lot of you perceive. I am out here doing the most but is it the smart most? Am I working harder than I should? No such thing. Each experience that was set before me is/was there to help build me further. It’s those mundane tasks that throw me on the cusp of that learning curve where I can then complete the lesson that needed to learn and move on…however there are still those moments where I have turned a blind eye on the wildest of cards, my wildest dreams, all because I am comfortable, I am quasi happy, I am where I was left to be.

Now having woken up from level 1 of consciousness and slowly entering level 2, it’s okay to ask the questions, to look at things from another angle, to allow my being to grow and gather the necessary information to acquire and ascend to the next level.

So for the sake of entertainment or enlightenment, please direct your attention to the upcoming stream of my energy, press play and share with a friend.

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