Charity Donations for a year

Island Life

My beauty studio coordinator casually dropped the T that we will be forming a team this year for the Honolulu Aids Walk that was held a few weeks ago. We had a few weeks to prepare for the event, however, I have been familiar with the organization since the past cosmetic companies that I have worked for has participated in volunteering and fundraising for the Life Foundation that supports various HIV/AIDS non profits and communities in need.

Weeks leading up to the walk, I had too much life happen where I could not bring myself to fundraise but I made a pledge to myself that even though I would be late in the sign up process, I’d still make it in the very last day of registration, the proceed to fill my bucket for the rest of the year until the next Honolulu aids walk #hnlaidswalk

This particular pledge consists of donating a percentage of my freelance bookings (makeup/hair/wellness/art) into my charity fundraising page and I’ll be one year ahead of next years goal.

In case you are wondering, this is part of my evolution of “When you know better, Do better” series. I am learning to do the walk as I talk. So I’ll place my talent where it counts and be a contributing voice for the community.

When you visit AlmondJoyce.Com you will find in the tab bar a page dedicated to donations and if you feel inclined to make a difference, feel free to do so.


Aloha to you, AJ

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