AM: internal beauty intake

Island Life


Here is a quick preview of what I’ve been consuming in the morning. (now happy hour later in the afternoon is a different story)

In addition to eating cleaner, I wanted to also explore personal detoxes. I love a good caffeinated drink in the morning but the loss of opportunities for intake of precious vitamins and minerals to provide myself with optimum function and results!


SuperYou® is a clinical strength blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs that work together to address the effects of stress on the mind and body. By helping to normalize cortisol levels, SuperYou® helps reduce stress, while enhancing energy, mood, focus & beauty.*

SuperYou® is plant-sourced stress relief with ingredients clinically shown to help:

  • the body cope with stress*
  • reduce physical, mental, and emotional fatigue*
  • boost energy and mood*
  • preserve collagen*
  • control stress-related weight gain*

I’ll take two capsules with my green goddess juice with the usual round up seasonal fruits and herbs, infused with a growing squad of essential oils from Doterra like Copaiba, Lemon, Lime, Tumeric (now eagerly awaiting for Ginger in this months LRP order)

I wanted to create a better immune system and take pure and clean ingredients to incorporate into my modern lifestyle.

In comparison, I’ve juiced myself, gathered the ingredients, I’ve stood for hours trying to create one of a kind elixirs, etc however, truly for the sake of being more and doing more, sometimes, convenience does hold that ace card especially for this multi tasking mom. Gone are the days I can dilly dally and take my time, now is about more efficient and smart choices so I can spend more time with my son, be more for myself and extend my thoughts and services to those that need it.

So with that said, a mere investment for a juice program, some supplements to also take space in your beauty routine, whether its am or pm, as long as you give yourself some time to activate and acknowledge all the things or experiences that make you whole and beautiful.

Slay the day sis, AJ

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