Inner Beauty routine

Island Life

Half way passed the mid mark of my 30’s, I’ve suddenly taken an interest in the inner workings of my being. I’ve been blindly consuming toxins left and right without every questioning its purpose or the short immediate validity of its passing.

As I do a mid year check in, the first half of 2019 has been one kick in the okole. I’d love to get into greater detail, but I’m almost certain that I would rather save this for the podcast or youtube video. I’ve been tickled pink knowing that one day soon enough, the struggles one endures before the big break, if it comes at all, makes the sacrifices and long endless nights having a breakdown, make it worth the ride, after all, I am one for the process of the journey.

The most intense time of my life up to date was physically and mentally revolving around mere survival. If you have ever lived daily hanging by a string, your wits and good ganja bowl, consider yourself the master of your destiny.

In addition to mindfulness and the sheer karma of what decent morality I have left, I have decided to dive in, heart and ego first into what would be the second half of my year. (legit, the first half was spent mending a heart break, only to find out, I was crying over spilt, spoilt milk…) so I am redirecting my energies and empathy to myself first and the willing around me.

Get to know the line up of what you are about to see, I am currently rotating goddess green juices infused with a round up of essential oils for the internal consumption of a highly concentrated dose of luxury and simplicity, ethically sources and rightfully harvested.

I once drowned in idle insecurities but after exploring and educating myself in the endless possibilities of health and growth, sis, this is just the introduction to something budding.

See you at the next green harvest.


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