Some odd months later.

Island Life

Documenting the part of the wellness journey, round 2. I’ve recently gone through an internal cleanse and have finally embraced the fullness of the struggle. Pain body. Circumstances. Whatever you call it. I’ve given into my wishes this past month. I’ve slowly readjusted back to life and my extremities have taken a backseat and survival mode as always in its full frontal.

These days I’m not as strict on my vegan consumption but still enjoy it very much. I’ve incorporated a lot of the foods I enjoy but in moderation, if there’s such a thing. What I mean by that is, if you are craving Mcdonalds, enjoy your time sis. Then when you feel like Whole Foods, make sure you have your amazon card which will earn you cash back and rewards! Get that sis!

Back to what I was saying, after losing 13 lbs then stopping in somewhere mid between and just being content, I’ve now picked up the pace and have incorporated an internal cleanse which will produce a quick fast and readjustment for my system.

My intentions for this is to allow myself to really heal and get to know the different parts of myself in and out. Too long I have spent too much time on idle things or excursions that produce minimal benefits especially regarding my health. I am simply saying I am creating a space where I can design and designate an alternative route and revelations for my health and being.

Doing the most, AJ



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