Mood and Mind reset.

Island Life

I have to activate the mindful practice of showing up everyday to this space as I received a visual reminder from one of my entrepreneuriar friends, we have 6 months left of 2019 so don’t let no one waste your time and energy!

I participated in a goddess glam shoot this past Monday and I was connecting with our muse when we started going over our thoughts and the space it holds inside of us and how most of it is in there for no reason…which made me reflect on what’s on the inside.

A bunch of shoulda coulda woulda’s. Somewhere being a self proclaimed bad bitch and new woman of the world, I have hidden behind the mark of actually heading over to finish line as I allowed external forces to redirect the path of my life.

Well, not for the next 6 months. I’ve been diving deep with Eckhart Tolle and his teachings have resonated with me these last few months. The power of now was presented to me in my college years which was 17 years ago and it has finally echoed its presence, presently.

Do more of what you love, daily, all day, then share it with the ones you love. All of them. All of you.

Mind and Mood reset starts from the inside out and the elixirs are starting with some really good basics for the Hawaiian island summer heat.

<3, Mindfully Mad.







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