Doterra LRP order planning

Island Life

New Moon, New Month, New Mood, New LRP!

I was on a thread with the tribe of queens today and the manifesting mavens are on the move! We are all shifting and soaking in the knowledge and data that we all have received these last few weeks of business trainings.

Jenny of Indiglow Oils have started the month strong with her loyalty rewards program order from Doterra and it has inspired me to expand my wishlist for the months to come.

I have set my sights on creating and completing a cooking oil section for my Doterra essential oil collection. I wrote down what I had in my possession so I can streamline and spread out what I’ll be ordering to qualify for their free promotions every month.

For the month of June, when one places a 200 pv order you will receive a trio of aroma touch 15 ml, balance 15 ml and past tense 10ml. Talk about deals on deals on deals. I’ve easily hit this months quota as I expand my journey into wellness and I hope you are also making the necessary changes to acknowledge and activate yours.

Enjoy the video clips and if you would like to join me into health and wealth please join my mentorship and membership with Doterra. Click on the link!

Mentorship and Membership







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