Amazon: canon m50

Island Life

Gearing up for the new moon and I am sooooo thrilled and thankful that my new canon has made it here safely in the islands.

I grew up with a canon by my side from my early years, through my teens and well into my 20’s but after having Zorro, I traded that shutters and speed for sleepless nights and solitude.

Now that a new season, a new moon rather has opened up, I feel a that I have cleared up the space around me to reignite my passions and pursue purposeful projects that my soul has been longing for.

The quality so far has surpassed my expectations for a mid size camera. Its an in between from a point and shoot and a dslr. I am loving the compact size and it doesn’t feel invasive of ones space especially if I’m all up close and personal!

This has a unique set of filters and settings that even for a seasoned pro or novice, there is always something to be toggled with. Wifi/bluetooth/instantdownloads you already had my heart.

I have been reaching for this gem as well when I am on my freelance gigs as it gives me the perfect quality without compromising my artistry! Read the reviews and check it out for yourself!

SHOP Canon M50 Here!






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