Valor in the Vortex

Coffee & Cannabis, Island Life, When you know better, Do better

Hello again! Forgive the absence you’ve experienced while I was away.

I distinctly remembered that turning point where I had to asses what I was keeping versus what I was surrendering. I had to work on a few projects behinds the scenes per usual and I have come back to resurface as I always do when I find the balance in the pockets of time management or rather the alignment of my needs and wants.

The last few months have been in movement in a faster pace than the last few years and all I could do was hold on tight. The sudden swift shift was everything I was praying for and then some. So thank you universe, every other angel that was on standby to witness the miracle of just being and the growth.

Ehem, enough of this blissful babble and let us get back to our delightful and delicious visual programming.

I hope the the year has been treating you well or mostly importantly, I hope you are treating yourself even better.

To all that there was and currently is.


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