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I was feeling the urge to shift and soar this lunar eclipse, blood-wolf-moon. Weeks prior to arrival I have been actively and mindfully practicing the mental changes that I willl need to establish as I grow into a new space.

I usually indulge in my own full moon gathering, however for the thrill of trying something new, I attended my first wise women full moon gathering in Kaimuki Studio in Oahu Hawaii and was so glad I did!

The evening started with gazing at the moon, feeling its presence and proceeded into a guided meditation and journaling by the most amazing hostess Jenny.

The questions left me asking the deepest and darkest parts of myself to come through so I can acknowledge and accept it as part of my healing.

I was misguided by my own self limiting beliefs that hindered my growth so I put out my desires into the universe and I have been receiving its deliberate signs since then.

We shared throughout the evening and encouraged one another with our truths. To live our highest selves, to find our gifts in the process and share that more with the world.

I was hesistant to share at first but realized that this has been the gathering I have been waiting for. A non judgement free zone that we are all able to heal for our health.

I met a lot of inspiring women and as I picked my angel card of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, I will surely ignite my own inner goddess and live in the will of playfulness wisdom and divinity.

I am silently calling on the goddesses and angels to help guide me in the transition process and let the millennial masterplan unfold itself.

Seal the deal, AJ

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