Gemini- the twins Crystal & Custom EO blend

Island Life

Gemini: the twins
The perfect yin & yang
The air sign that is curiously clever and charming companion.
There are two sides to every story and you have the insight to see both!
(You just never know which twin will show up tho! 👯‍♀️)

I made two blends you can choose from, I tapped into the yin & yang of your sign.

The first blend is a mixture of lavender, geranium and serenity.
Housed in a roller ball with amethyst and filled with rose quartz for intuitive love and insight.
This is to soothe your adaptable, dexterous side.
Intellectual stimulation is important for your ever so curious mind.
Instant feelings of peace and comfort can be evokes upon applying directly on your hands or bottoms of feet.
Reach for this when your charming self needs an inward time out between entertaining and traveling.

Next blend is to appease the other twin.
Blends are made with aroma touch, breathe, balance and tea tree.
The inner workings of your mind can be stimulated by an energy far greater than yours, so this blend is welcoming the unknown, the synergetic incoming of information gathered from the journey between time and your space.
House in a rollerball with aventurine crystal for money and attraction filled with clear quartz crystal and jade for health & wealth.

Your pick.

Custom Creation for a client and dear friend.

Blend it and they will come,AJ

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