Herbed Balsmic doTERRA dipping oil + homemade sourdough bread

Island Life

When one door closes, I’m the type to build a bridge from out the second floor window to mothafucking Terabithia.

Jenny and Roscoe have been gracious hosts as they have housed and healed me back into pieces.

I was delighted when I was able to dive into Palolo valleys most talked about myths and urban legends….this damn sourdough bread. It was made from an oven that was rescued on the side of the highway, brought into the valley jungle and has been serving up deliciousness ever since.

After watching a cooking with EO webinar, I was quite intrigued and inspired and asked Jenny if we could make a dipping sauce for the feast we are about to dive into.

We used evoo and balsamic as a base and processed to tap out the precious droplets of doTERRA rosemary, pink pepper & basil 🙀

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Meet us at the headquarters cuz it’s going down, AJ

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