A letter to my former lifetime.

Island Life, When you know better, Do better

What people don’t like about you, a disowned part of their own shadow,  its their own lesson they need to learn. 


And just like that, a new way of shifting has entered my space.

I’ve beaten myself up for the last months wondering why this person I have been looking up to, admired has suddenly treated me like an outcast. As I question the depth of my soul, there is no doubt in my mind that I have given my best self in the process and have continually worked through the magic of time and dreams, but despite my best efforts, I was told it wasn’t enough.

So as a valuable lesson presents itself again its raw ugly form in my mid 30’s, I’m taking a cue from my 20s and Im learning to simply forgive and let go.

If you ever find this note and read it, thank you for everything.

Lifetime, AJ

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