Garden to Table: Spicy Stuffing

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It’s only been a few decades coming to America and learning new holidays that focus around more established family gatherings as opposed to be nice and kind all year, so with working gal (me) whose idea of thanksgiving consisted of time and a half pay, I usually got my thanksgiving meal catered, or to go, or completely off the grid feastings like sushi, thai or filipino food over the years.

2018 caught me off guard with all kinds of surprises. Mainly as the holidays started to roll around, I had an insatiable appetite for stuffing. Something I never made, craved, bought, thought about, nothing. So it was a new experience for me seeking out ingredients and learning the basics of my latest obsession.

After a few test runs and tweaks, my mind started going on overdrive as I thought about each component. What it takes to DIY my own…well, lucky you, you will see this recipe evolve.

So this year, with this much anticipated day, I opted to work so other people who have families can celebrate with each other whilst I take my money and run. We have a potluck at work so I decided to try my hand at my soon to be famous side dish.

I am a fan of spicy, so this is what you get. Hot peppers from my garden plus curated island spices, I made my own soup stock to fold into the organic, gmo free bread stuffing mix (which made me envision on making my own one day soon along with my own dried herbs…)

This is where we are at, this is where I’ll leave you. Happy thanksgiving. Be kind, always.

Closet Cook, AJ

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