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I have been fostering my relationship with Jenny @indiglowwellness for a few years now, with countless of shoulda met ups and creative learning, and one day finally after a full few moons, we have linked up and its been a whole new world since then!

I met Jenny when we attended a henna workshop led by my talented friend and fellow art educator TSB // @hennamama808 (since we only know each other through instagram names!) We sat next to each other and as faith would have it, we promised to continue or friendship for years to come.

So here we are, a few years later and Jenny has become my mentor and doterra inspiration! In addition to being a self made badass in her own right, she has taken on the role and lead to nurture our growing interest in entrepreneurship in health and wellness!

Please follow our journeys and support the holistic cause.

I’ll be posting more here since I’ve taken myself out of IG atmosphere. Back to blogging. Back to basics.

Find me here, if you are lucky.


Leave me the information and space of where I could find you. or visit my website Mobile Beauty Stylist

Aloha and be Easy, AJ

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