self care & solitude

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Kickstarting the simple habit re-wiring a month before the new year is proving to be the headstart that I needed.

Gone are the sluggish mornings where I’ll lay for a few extra minutes turned into an hour or so of scrolling, sleuthing and sampling all the various media outlets before the caffeine. These days, the day starts with a quick mental decluttering, a few good bowls, journaling & energizing and I hit the ground running. Well, thanks to my roommates treadmill. A slow start of 20 minutes, then 30 now I’m hitting my once upon a time goal of running 2 miles everyday. I like getting this out of the way because anytime I can get to myself, my true self, Im always looking to invest. So I’ve been mindfully setting a time and place to allow myself the proper self care and solitude.



Meal Prepping, I’m at the I could get better stage. I certainly have improved over the years! I’m back into the full time swing of things and somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to neglect a few key essential pieces that I needed to thrive all week. I’ll now designate that once a week, a random morning, afternoon or evening, less traffic, and pop into my round up of shops and plan for the next few days. I’ve been recently re introduced to costco…any of my friends want to split a premium membership discount?


(Island seasoned boneless ribeye, wasabi salmon and sautéed spinach and mushrooms)

Ahhhh, Jo Malone. I wish I had more. I wish I had more. I wish I had more!!! A dear mentor once treated me to an extravagant gift. A bath and shower gel that was waiting to be used for an entire year…waiting for the right dwelling and setting. So these days, as I pour my heart and soul into the daily grit and grind, I look forward to the enticing and lustful fragrance as I wash off the dust and debris of the day.


Feel free to add more of your self care/love routines into the mix and remember to go outside and catch a glimpse of natures natural wonders.


Setting my soul free,



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