#almondsapothecary a millennial mindset

Garden to Table, Island Life


How empowering is it to activate your special powers in abundance and generating an infinite way to preserve and propagate the very things that one needs to survive?

At the height of my herb planting, I was up to 5 different varieties of basil and how fulfilling it was to grow these unique herb thats so versatile in so many dishes.

I actually enjoy the flowers that it gives off. If you harvest right away, it offers the most fragrant aroma, bottle it up and serve it. Left on the stalk however, it becomes the next batch and generation of seeds for a future harvest.

Growth time for herb takes a fast few weeks but I’ve taken the propagation to the next level. I’ll occasionally trim the bush to make way for new growth. I’ll whip up the basils in an array of sauces, dips, easy grab and go items with the most flavor and pride knowing you grew and made that pesto!

So as one plucks the leaves out of its stalk, we usually throw the stem, not giving it a second thought, some grind it up and incorporate into stock, some save it and create magic.

Yes, allow yourself the pure pleasures of choice. Choice to make a difference, choice to contribute to a better world, choice to create something out of nothing.

Stick the stalk into water, soil, whatever you happen to have, radiate and bless it with all your love and aloha and what you sow is definitely what you reap.

Garden Pesto pasta salad made with the very fresh herbs that pass through them hands, total pride in knowing that once upon a time, this all started with a dream. Top it off with parmesan cheese and hemp seeds because can can.

Bloom where you are planted,


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