#gardentotable Impress yo’self.

Garden to Table

One summer spent on the Big island got me growing a vegetable and fruit garden and my insistent obsession on acquiring chickens for eggs got me feeling like a hippie hipster, thanks to Pinterest!

Creating master chef worthy meals in the middle of a lava field can be quite challenging so intuitive meal prepping became a lifesaver. Earlier in the week, I’d prepare my cooking sauces and spices, all gathered from the garden, let me tell you how satisfying it is knowing you grew and harvested ingredients that you are about to overachieve with!


BTW, who doesn’t love a good mason jar? Just before I left the city, a quick trip to target highlighted a brand sale so I was standing in the aisle for what seemed like a few hours as I imagined all the possibilities of what I would create outta that damn jar.

Garlic given by my neighbor, I sliced and soaked the garlic chips in hemp and evoo oil along with hawaiian chili peppers, cuban oregano, green onions and lemon grass.

I then gathered all the bits and pieces I could find and just let the creative self tap into a higher cooking power.


Sugar and Spice makes everything nice! Whoever said this wasn’t kidding. Oh, adulting.


Diluted my mixture with the infused oil.


Marinated chicken into the sauce, feel free to be flexible and incorporate other meat, fish or vegetable items you prefer.


Sweet potatoes, grown and gathered from your garden to the table.


I was quite pleased on the turnout, here’s a modest and simple meal created from what I could rally up in my rustic cabin on the big island…

Sweet and spicy chicken with mashed sweet potatoes with my homemade butter, boiled chicken eggs thanks to my ladies, sautéed eggplant and corn with chile kine tings.

Connect with and Collect yourself,


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